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Mariposa Learning Center, Inc. is an English/Spanish bilingual daycare serving children from six (6) weeks through five (5) years of age. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of second language learning, not only on a student’s linguistic abilities, but on their cognitive and creative abilities as well.




What are some of the advantages of learning a second language at a young age?

Learning a second language has been shown to enhance children’s cognitive development. Children who learned a foreign language beginning in early childhood have demonstrated certain cognitive advantages over children who have not. Research conducted in Canada with young children showed that those who were bilingual developed the concept of “object permanence” at an earlier age. Bilingual students learn sooner that an object remains the same, even though the object has a different name in another language.

Additionally, foreign language learning is much more a cognitive problem solving activity than a linguistic activity, overall. Studies have shown repeatedly that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind in young children. Students who are learning a foreign language out-score their non-foreign language learning peers in the verbal and, surprisingly to some, the math sections of standardized tests. This relationship between foreign language study and increased mathematical skill development, particularly in the area of problem solving, points once again to the fact that second language learning is more of a cognitive than linguistic activity.

Finally, the advantage for younger learners is that they have the ability to mimic closely the native pronunciation and intonation of a new language. In addition, literacy skills that are being developed in the native language transfer to the learning of the new language. For this reason, research studies have shown academic gains by students who have begun learning another language at an early age

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Other benefits of bilingualism include:

  • Second language study benefits academic progress in other subjects
  • Second language study narrows achievement gaps
  • Second language study benefits basic skills development
  • Second language study benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking
  • Early second language learning enriches and enhances cognitive development
  • Second language study enhances a student’s sense of achievement
  • Second language students score higher on standardized tests
  • Second language study promotes cultural awareness and competency
  • Second language study found to improve chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment
  • Second language study enhances career opportunities
  • Second language study benefits understanding and security in community and society

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