Art Program

Ta and Gabriella PaintingAt Mariposa Learning Center, we strive to give ample opportunities for children to develop fully as thriving, well-rounded children. Children will frequently have the opportunity to experience different art mediums as they draw, paint, sculpt, design, imagine and explore at Mariposa. Children will also learn about artists and artists’ styles, demonstrate art techniques, explore creative art materials and design original artwork.

Children are encouraged to express themselves freely through art. They are taught to translate their experiences in their physical world into abstract and symbolic forms.

Each year, the children of MLC host an exhibit at the Gorman Building in Oregon ,WI where they proudly display their art. Some examples of the art that the children have made for past exhibits include:

Homemade paper that grows!

The homemade paper that the children made was made from recycled and torn paper, flowers, flower petals and wild butterfly flower seeds. Once the paper is no longer needed, it can be “planted” and the children can be amazed as the embedded seeds begin to grow!

MLC pics 022


Huichol Art

Descendents of the Aztec, the Huichol are an indigenous ethnic group from western central Mexico. They have lived for centuries in the Sierra Madre Occidental, primarily in the Mexican states of Nayarit and Jalisco. They are considered among the last remaining indigenous cultures remaining true to their ancestral roots. Huichol art includes different forms including yarn and beaded art. Beaded art is constructed by using glass, plastic or metal beads pressed onto a wooden form covered in beeswax. Common bead art forms include masks, bowls and figurines.

Beaded art is the form MLC amigos used for the below art. They made the bowls out of clay. Once dried, the amigos decorated it with their choice of design and colors.



Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera was a world known artist and muralist from Mexico in the early 1900’s. Calla Lilies were a common feature in many of his works. Here, some of the kids learned about him and painted a calla lily of their own.

MLC pics 005 MLC pics 010