Philosophy and Objectives


Mariposa Learning Center, Inc. (MLC) is a bilingual child care center that believes that children are our most important resource. We understand that early childhood experiences are instrumental in the development of a child’s future. MLC strives to create high-quality early childhood experiences. By providing a structured, yet flexible environment, we foster active learning while also promoting English and Spanish in our dual language program.

Our objectives are:

• To provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can develop

• To provide a home-away-from-home environment

• A stimulating setting where children can play and work

• To teach each child so he/she may experience challenges and successes

• To encourage each student to develop self-responsibility

• To stimulate each student to think, reason, and problem solve

• To prepare students for living, with emphasis on development of independent living skills

• To provide opportunity and activities for development of physical skills.

“Education means more than the pursuit of a specific course of study. It has to do with the whole being. It is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual powers.”


Mariposa Learning Center’s (MLC) vision and philosophy on customer service is to consistently provide excellent services that exceed your expecations. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of early childhood education and care to the children and families we serve. MLC is committed to continuous, long-term improvement to meet their needs in an exceptional way. Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction and keeping open lines of communication between families, management, teachers and staff.

In striving to consistently deliver the best service possible, all MLC staff will put forth every effort to:

• Be prompt in service to the customer

• Take personal responsibility for providing service that is convenient, prompt and efficient

• Be accountable for mistakes and keep promises made

• Build long-term customer relationships by listening, understanding and meeting and/or exceeding our customers’ needs

• Bring energy to everything we do—if a task needs to be done, it needs to be done well

• Tailor service to meet individual needs, paying particular attention to people from diverse cultures and those with special needs

• Provide service in a thoughtful and positive manner, work together to meet customer needs, solve problems and implement effective solutions.