Please continue to check your child in and out daily on our computer by the security door. Please press “Finished” at the end to verify that it was registered in system.



food_heart-1024x901Your Child’s Food

Please send your child’s food for each day in a labeled container versus bringing it in cans or bags (unless it’s a one serving meal). We will place all containers in your child’s cubby, so please don’t forget to take them home at the end of each day. Additionally, please remember to send already cooked food for their lunch. We can heat their food, but time does not allow for us to cook their food. Thanks!peanutfree[1]


PLEASE REMEMBER MLC IS NOW A PEANUT FREE SCHOOL!!! For the safety of other children, please do not send food items containing peanuts. Thank you for your adherence to this rule. For those of you with children who love their peanut butter sandwiches; alternatives to peanut butter include the following: almond butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter, pecan butter and soybean butter.


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