Summer Camp

Mariposa’s Summer Program focuses on providing STEAM learning opportunities along with hands-on learning. The goal is to ensure that all of our students participate and engage in the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

The bilingual program is Spanish language based. This can be a great opportunity for students to expand the skills they may already have or it can provide them the opportunity to hone new language skills. We will work with children of all backgrounds to ensure success!  Please don't hestitate to contact us with any questions.

In addition to the art and language components, we plan weekly activities during the summer months to give the kids a chance to explore the world outside of a school setting.

Current Mariposa students will automatically be enrolled in the summer program. If you would like to enroll your school-ager (5-10 years of age) in the summer program, please send us an email:

Science & Art Program

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The difference between STEM and STEAM  is that arts are included, ranging from visual arts, language arts and physical arts to music and more. STEAM focuses on sparking imagination and creativity through the arts in ways that naturally align with STEM learning.


By combining Science, Art and Language during our summer program, we give children ample opportunities to develop fully as thriving, well-rounded children of the world. Each summer there is a different theme (space, sand and sea, in the garden, etc.). Over the course of the summer, children will draw, paint, sculpt, design, imagine and explore at Mariposa.


The program culminates with a Summer Show that ties together all that the students have learned throughout the summer in one big event. It provides the children the opportunity to exhibit their art and to peform (song & dance) for family and friends. Below is a video from our summer 2022 art show. The theme for this particular summer was "In the Garden".


We plan weekly outings to give the kids a chance to explore the world outside of a class setting. The outings vary in theme to include art, science and just plain fun in the activities. Some examples of outings include a Mallards baseball game and  visits to the UW Geology Museum, Vilas Zoo and Madison Children's Museum. The current year schedule will be posted once it has been set. Parents are encouraged to join us and participate in the fun!

School age students may also participate in the Oregon Summer School classes and then be bused to Mariposa when classes are done. Please contact the Oregon School District for questions regarding transporation.

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