About Our After School Program

Bilingual Education

Mariposa Learning Center is a bilingual childcare center that believes in the positive impact that learning languages can have on a child's life.  We understand that it’s never too early (or too late) to begin learning a second language, which is why our program starts with Spanish in the infant classroom and continues through to the school aged students. Learning Spanish is fun, it promotes healthy development, and has many cognitive and social benefits that will last a lifetime!


Mariposa’s After School Program will provide enrichment activities, homework time and a healthy snack. Enrichment activities will include:

  • Spanish hands-on learning
  • Art exploration
  • Cooking classes
  • Group games
  • Library and more!

Our art classroom will allow students to have the opportunity to experience a variety of art mediums as they draw, paint, sculpt, design, imagine and explore at Mariposa.

On top of the academic support, our program will also promote general health, fitness, and wellness by keeping students active, fostering the importance of healthy behaviors, and providing opportunities for students to help prepare healthy snacks.


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