About Our 4K Program

Mariposa is a collaborating partner with the Oregon School District. Mariposa has a Spanish instruction 4K program that has a play-based curriculum and follows the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) that prepare students for Kindergarten. Teachers focus on Social/Emotional development and self-regulation skills. Teachers create an atmosphere and environment that encourages students to be:

  • Engaged
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Excited for Learning
  • Challenged in Their Skills

Students are provided with positive reinforcement to promote constructive behavior and turn their classroom into a positive learning environment. Our program focuses on the developmental categories listed below. Some example milestones for each category have been provided as well. 

Proud Collaborating Partner With the
Oregon School District

4-5 Years of Age

  • Social and Emotional 
    • Likes to sing, dance, and act
    • Shows more independence
  • Language/Communication
    • Tells a simple story using full sentences
    • Says name and address
  • Cognitive 
    • Counts 10 or more things
    • Can print some letters or numbers
  • Movement/Physical 
    • Can use the toilet on his/her own
    • Swings and climbs
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